"In art we try to capture our experience.  It's the attempt to take something unspoken, and turn it into a tangible thing.  We fail time and time again, but there is such beauty in the imperfections.  It's our need to connect, I think, keeps us coming back; to the canvas, the camera, the instrument, the floor, the stage, the page.  Our desire to create, in all it's forms, is at the heart of being human.  At it's best, it is the thing that calms, that opens, and connects us.  

Music, for me, is how I process emotion, and maybe experience in general.  It is a necessary and very personal thing.  But I'm happy to have anyone along for the ride who wants in."

Nina grew up in Streetsville Ontario.  She began playing the piano at the age of 6, singing in choirs and performing at 8, and playing the flute at age 11.  She was admitted to and studied music theory, history and performance at a school for the arts.  There she picked up the guitar began songwriting at 14.  She studied with a jazz vocalist during her teens years, as well as classical piano at the Royal and Ontario Conservatory of Music.  She lived, wrote, performed and recorded in Toronto for years and now lives in Guelph with her husband, son and Ewok of a dog.